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Berkana runa

Learning Rust and Wasm / Webassembly programming and having fun

"I just love programming."(Luciano Bestia)

I worked for 30 years on commercial projects. It was hard, but fun. I am on a long vacation now and I have time to learn a new programming language. I want to share my learning path with beginners.
Read some descriptions of "dev" in urbandictionary.com :-DDD


Most of my work is more like a tutorial then a finished product.

Have fun and enjoy learning what I learn. I try to make it easy as possible.

Rust, Wasm/Webassembly, Progressive Web App, web servers, CLI (command line interface), library/crates,...

The browser must support Wasm/Webassembly.
All modern browsers do (Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari).
Avoid old and not updated browser for your own security and comfort.


Iterations of the game development for learning purposes.

Rust, Wasm/Webassembly, Virtual Dom, Async/Await, Progressive Web App,...

Made with Android Studio on Win10 with Java, apk, html, css, javascript,...


Apps for productivity for programmers and friends.

Tools for rust programming

Various tools

Playing with time and date

Especially for India and Italia

Web pages

Embedded rust (microcontroller)