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Learning Rust and Wasm
programming and having fun

"I just love programming." (Bestia)

Repository: github.com/bestia-dev

I worked for 30 years on commercial projects. It was hard, but fun. I am on a long vacation now and I have time to learn a new programming language. I want to share my learning path with beginners.
Read some descriptions of "dev" in urbandictionary.com :-DDD


Most of my work is more like a tutorial then a finished product.

Have fun and enjoy learning what I learn. I try to make it easy as possible.

Rust, Wasm/Webassembly, Progressive Web App, web servers, CLI (command line interface), library/crates, docker containers, ...

Tutorials about Rust

Tutorials about Rust development environment

Watch tutorial on youtube:

Watch tutorial on youtube:

Watch tutorial on youtube:

Tutorials about deploy in container

Rust library crates

Rust is made of crates. Many crates. Let make some.

Rust on windows

Small utilities compiled for windows.

Wasm/Webassembly and PWA

Learning wasm/webassembly and PWA

The browser must support Wasm/Webassembly.
All modern browsers do (Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari).
Avoid old and not updated browser for your own security and comfort.


Iterations of the game development for learning purposes.

Rust, Wasm/Webassembly, Virtual Dom, Async/Await, Progressive Web App,...


Made with Android Studio on Win10 with Java, apk, html, css, javascript,...


Apps for productivity for programmers and friends.

Tools for rust programming

Tools for Dropbox

cargo-crev reviews

Especially for India and Italia

Web pages

Chrome extension

Embedded rust (microcontroller)