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Learning Rust Wasm/WebAssembly with Virtual Dom Dodrio and WebSocket communication - part four.
version: 4.0 date: 2019-09-09 author: repository: GitHub


Hashtags: #rustlang #game #tutorial
My projects on Github are more like a tutorial than a finished product: bestia-dev tutorials.


Documentation generated from source code:
The workspace mem4_game is made of:

  1. Wasm/WebAssembly (for browser) frontend - mem4
  2. web server Warp backend - mem4_server
  3. common structures - mem4_common

Info and working game

Read the Last project:
You can play the game here (hosted on google cloud platform):
For exercise I made a Docker image/container for mem4 on the google VM:

Google cloud platform does not give any subdomain name for free.
Google is also a domain registrar and it looks like they are trying to push me to buy their domain. I had to buy my own domain name from for 12$ per year.

Cargo make

I prepared some flows and tasks for Cargo make for the workspace.
cargo make - lists the possible available/public flows/tasks
cargo make dev - builds the development version and runs the server and the browser
cargo make release - builds the release version and runs the server and the browser
cargo make doc - build the /target/docs folder and copy to the /docs folder.

cargo crev reviews and advisory

It is recommended to always use cargo-crev
to verify the trustworthiness of each of your dependencies.
Please, spread this info.
On the web use this url to read crate reviews. Example:


2019-05-24 completed a working version
2019-06-06 google cloud platform, docker, DockerHub
2019-06-13 typed html
2019-06-20 added Triestine, calculate grid size in rust
2019-06-25 integer arithmetic unwrap!(x.checked_add(y)), checked_sub, checked_mul, checked_div, floating f64 cast to usize and vice versa with x.approx_as::<f64>() from crate conv, manual reconnect for ws disconnect
2019-06-26 3x3 or 3x2 grids. GameConfig.
2019-07-03 game flow in modules
2019-07-05 refactoring, refactoring,...
2019-07-09 request_fullscreen button
2019-07-26 full screen, js snippet, external C, logmod,
2019-09-08 content filenames in config.json, async fetch game_config.json, separate module for that
2019-09-09 version 19.9.9 no need for semver if it is not a public library, version in docs
2019-09-10 increase version automatically on build
2019-09-13 end development of mem4, start mem5

Open-source and free as a beer

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I just love programming.
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