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Copy my public files from GitHub in HTML format
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Hashtags: #rustlang #tutorial
My projects on GitHub are more like a tutorial than a finished product: bestia-dev tutorials.


It looks like google search SEO is really bad for GitHub files.
Maybe it will work better as HTML files on my own domain. Yes, it does.
On every README HTML, there is a link to and a link to the GitHub repository.
I need a utility CLI that copies the README files as they are rendered on GitHub and save them as html files in the directory github_readme.
Then I will use an rsync command to upload the files to my google cloud virtual machine.


I will use the crate octocrab to get a list of my public repos.
You need to have a GitHub PAT (personal access token) and save it in a environment variable:

export GITHUB_TOKEN=ghp_111111111111111111111

Workspaces with Primary project

When a project is a workspace with multiple projects, one of those is the primary project. We want to make a copy of this primary and not of the workspace We can signal this to github_readme_copy with this link:

<a href="">Primary project</a>



I want to copy also the articles from substack to my domain web page. If anything happens to substack I will have a backup.

github_readme_copy substack bestiadev

Open-source and free as a beer

My open-source projects are free as a beer (MIT license).
I just love programming.
But I need also to drink. If you find my projects and tutorials helpful, please buy me a beer by donating to my PayPal.
You know the price of a beer in your local bar ;-)
So I can drink a free beer for your health :-)
Na zdravje! Alla salute! Prost! Nazdravlje! 🍻