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efrro_form_c_chrome_ext - Fill the online Form C from JSON (2019-12)

Chrome extension to fill the online Form C from JSON
version: 1.0 date: 2019-12-25 author: repository: GitHub


It is published on Google WebStore:

Repeatedly filling the online Form C is boring, time consuming and error prone.
It is better to save the data as JSON and use that to fill the forms
JSON is a simple text format that is a standard for web communication.
It is human readable and easy to edit, copy, save, send,...


For security and privacy this extension does not send any data over the network.
The extension can access only the active Tab.
The source code is published on GitHub and anybody can inspect it to see there is no malicious or dangerous code.


This is an OpenSource application. It is free of charge as in free beer.
Anybody can use this application and its source code for their needs.


This extension has permission to modify form data only on this websites:

Try it first on this example:
open the JSON data file
then select all (ctrl+a) and copy it (ctrl+c) to the clipboard.
Then open the webpage
start the extension and
paste (ctrl+v) the data from the clipboard.
Click on the button Fill Form.


For development purpose you can install to it into Chrome from the local disk.
In <chrome://extensions/> enable Developer mode and then use Load unpacked.


Publishing a Chrome Extension to Chrome Web Store is fairly easy.
Before you publish your first app, you must pay a one-time $5 developer signup fee.
The extension can be maintained through the dashboard.


Maybe the best way to support this app is with a group with questions and answers!forum/bestiaformc

Open-source and free as a beer

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