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Library for url utf8 encode/decode
version: 0.1.28 date: 2021-10-22 author: repository: GitHub

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Urls must be constantly encoded and decoded.
It deserves something short like the macro url!("x/y/{}", name).
This module is strictly limited to utf8 urls.
Url is made of parts, fragments or segments mostly delimited by slash "/".
They must be separately encoded/decoded, not as a whole url string.
It is impossible to guarantee that the whole string is correctly encoded/decoded.
But is possible to minimize the misuse of the String type for Url.
With the normal String it is not possible to force the developer to encode/decode.
With special wrapper types around String is possible to help the coder to write properly and not forget about it.
TODO: analyze if is possible to use more &str and Cow instead of always allocating String.
But urls are usually small and this is not a priority.


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