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I want the simplest web server ever. It will be used exclusively locally from one super simple web-application, so don't need to care much about security. I choose simple server from the rust book. I don't care about multi-threading or async , because it will be used by only one browser. The example from the book evolved into the github repository of the author of the book
I cloned it, updated the dependencies and consequently fixed some broken code.
I had to publish it to because the project cargo_crev_reviews use it. does not accept local path dependencies, only dependencies.

A simple web-server

The simple-server crate is designed to give you the tools to to build an HTTP server, based around the http crate, blocking I/O, and a threadpool.

We call it 'simple' want to keep the code small, and easy to understand. This is why we're only using blocking I/O. Depending on your needs, you may or may not want to choose another server. However, just the simple stuff is often enough for many projects.


At its core, simple-server contains a Server. The Server is passed a handler upon creation, and the listen method is used to start handling connections.

The other types are from the http crate, and give you the ability to work with various aspects of HTTP. The Request, Response, and ResponseBuilder types are used by the handler you give to Server, for example.

To see examples of this crate in use, please consult the examples directory.

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