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Chrome extension to fill a form from json
version: 1.0 date: 2021-12-17 author: repository: GitHub


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It is published on Google WebStore:

Filling long web forms with repeated data is boring, tedious, time consuming and error prone.
It is better to save this data as json and use it multiple times to fill the forms.
Json is a simple text format that is a standard for web communication.
It is human readable and easy to edit, copy, save, send,...
The extension supports string and number in json. The extension supports name and ng-reflect-name in html.


This extension does not send any data over the network for security and privacy.
The extension can access only the active Tab.
It can get a json from an URL that you enter.
The source code is published on github and anybody can inspect it to see there is no malicious or dangerous code.


This is an open source application. It is free of charge as free beer - MIT Licence.
Anybody can use this application and its source code for their needs.
Sure I would be happy to drink a free beer for your health. You could donate a beer on

Example 1 : copy/paste json

Open the json data file:
and copy the json to the clipboard (ctrl+a, ctrl+c).
Open the webpage:
start the extension and paste the data from the clipboard.
Click on Fill form from json.

Example 2 : Fill from URL

Open the webpage:
start the extension and enter this URL:
Click on Fill form from URL.

json from local file

Chrome extensions cannot by default access the local file system because of security.
You can run a local web server on your machine only for one folder and then you can access it in the browser as http://localhost/.
The local web server is NOT accessible from the internet. Your files can be read only from your local machine.
There are many small and simple local web servers for example:


For development you can install it from the local disk.
In <chrome://extensions/> enable Developer mode and then use Load unpacked.


Publishing a Chrome Extension to Chrome Web Store is fairly easy.

Open-source and free as a beer

My open-source projects are free as a beer (MIT license).
I just love programming.
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