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CRUSTDE - Containerized Rust Development Environment

CRUSTDE - Containerized Rust Development Environment in Linux (in WSL2 on Windows or on bare metal)

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My projects on GitHub are more like a tutorial than a finished product: bestia-dev tutorials.

Install and config Windows and programs needed for Rust development

Often we must reinstall windows from scratch to solve some unsolvable problems.
Thanks, Microsoft!
This is a good exercise. We must learn how to save settings for different programs.
This is a very opinionated guide to creating a development environment from scratch:

Total Commander - the best file manager for Windows

I make acrobatics with files all day long. I could not live without TotalCommander.

Windows: Git, git-bash, SSH and VSCode

These Windows utils I use for CRUSTDE: git, git-bash, SSH, VSCode.

Win10 contains WSL2 that contains Debian11

Tutorial to install Linux on Windows. Linux everywhere!
I chose Debian because it is stable, but probably everything works in other flavors too.

CRUSTDE - Containerized Rust Development Environment

Tutorial for creating and using CRUSTDE - Containerized Rust Development Environment.
Rust - Hack Without Fear and Trust!
I regularly create new container images when new versions of cargo and rustc are released.
The container images are published to DockerHub.

Cross compile in CRUSTDE Rust Container

Cross-compile Rust to Linux, Windows, Musl container, WASI and WASM with CRUSTDE container

File Workflow for backups for CRUSTDE

Development files are important. We don't want to lose them because of a mishap. Some details abount my workflow for backup:

Open-source and free as a beer

My open-source projects are free as a beer (MIT license).
I just love programming.
But I need also to drink. If you find my projects and tutorials helpful, please buy me a beer by donating to my PayPal.
You know the price of a beer in your local bar ;-)
So I can drink a free beer for your health :-)
Na zdravje! Alla salute! Prost! Nazdravlje! 🍻