Open folder in VSCode from WSL2 simply with $ code .
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My projects on Github are more like a tutorial than a finished product: bestia-dev tutorials.

Inside WSL2 I want to open a folder in VSCode. But VSCode is in Win10.
This is useful when navigating in the WSL2 Debian file system.
It used to work in WSL1 like this:

code .

but it does not work anymore in WSL2.

Symbolic link

I will prepare a symbolic link to the VSCode_Path\bin\code file in windows. This is a shebang file for Linux prepared for VSCode.

sudo ln -sf "/mnt/c/Users/Luciano/AppData/Local/Programs/Microsoft VS Code/bin/code" /usr/bin/code

Now I can open a folder like this:

cd ~/rustprojects/qvs20
code .

from windows

I use the TotalCommander file manager in windows.
When I am inside a Linux folder, I can open it in the terminal with


Then in the Linux terminal I run:

code .