micro crate web_sys and js_sys functions for my project
version: 0.4.3 date: 2020-04-25 author: repository: GitHub


Hashtags: #rustlang #tutorial #web #wasm #webassembly
My projects on Github are more like a tutorial than a finished product: bestia-dev tutorials.

web_sys and js_sys

When developing the mem6 game
I needed a lot of web_sys and js_sys functions.
To hide away the javascript part as much as possible I created this library
and fill it with functions I needed for that particular project.
I made a separate crate as a library to share code with other projects.
Functions will be eventually added and also modified or refactored in specialized crates.

cargo crev reviews and advisory

It is recommended to always use cargo-crev
to verify the trustworthiness of each of your dependencies.
Please, spread this info.
On the web use this url to read crate reviews. Example: