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version: 1.0 date: 2021-01-13 author: bestia.dev repository: GitHub

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I need to generate a simple QR code for url that has max 53 bytes. I want to do this in wasm.
QR codes are pretty complicated. So specifying only one single use-case makes the code smaller. But it looses universality.
Smaller code is good for wasm.
The url I want to encode is like this:
There is a hash symbol here so I cannot use the alphanumeric mode.
I must use the byte mode.
There are 33 characters. It means there is some free space for future uses.
The smallest QR code for that is:

The code is written by treeman. I just removed all the variants I don't need.

I use this code my wasm project https://github.com/bestia-dev/mem6_game.


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