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Learning Rust Wasm/WebAssembly, Virtual Dom Dodrio, WebSocket communication and PWA (Progressive Web Apps) - part six
version: 6.0 date: 2020-04-11 author: bestia.dev repository: GitHub

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Hashtags: #rustlang #game #tutorial
My projects on Github are more like a tutorial than a finished product: bestia-dev tutorials.


Documentation generated from source code:
The workspace mem6_game is made of projects:

  1. Wasm/WebAssembly (for browsers) frontend - mem6
  2. web server Warp backend - mem6_server
  3. common structures - mem6_common
  4. webfolder - contains files copied to the web folder

Every project has its own readme.md.

Read also my Previous projects on Github:

Working game server

You can play the game (mobile only) hosted on google cloud platform:

Cargo make

I prepared some flows and tasks for Cargo make for the workspace.
cargo make - lists the possible available/public flows/tasks
cargo make dev - builds the development version and runs the server and the browser
cargo make release - builds the release version and runs the server and the browser
cargo make audit - cargo audit warnings about dependencies
cargo make fmt - format source code
cargo make doc - copies readme.md into lib.rs doc-comments, build the /target/doc folder and copy to the /docs folder
cargo make sshadd - adds identity to ssh-agent for git and publish operations
cargo make gitpush - push the commits to github, uses ssh agent
cargo make publish - publish the webfolder to google vm
cargo make udeps - lists unused dependencies
cargo make loc - Lines Of Rust Code and comments with tokei
cargo make depver - list of not latest dependencies


Read files TODO.md and CHANGELOG.md.