Admin CLI for cargo_crev_web
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cargo_crev_web_admin CLI

The web app cargo_crev_web on fetches all proof repos it can find and shows the crate reviews online.
Some admin tasks are needed and I don't want them to be accessible on the web.
This will be a CLI app that can be used when logged on the linux terminal over SSH.
So is sure that only an admin, who can log in on to the server, can use this tasks.

Some tasks need the crev passphrase. Put it in the env variable before starting the CLI:
$ export CREV_PASSPHRASE=xxx
Add a space before the command to avoid to be saved in the bash history.


I use cargo-auto for automation tasks in rust language. Install it:

cargo install cargo-auto

List user-defined automation tasks in automation_tasks_rs:

cargo auto

bash auto-completion

This executable is prepared for auto-completion in bash.
Run this command to define auto-completion in bash for the current session:
Or add it to .bashrc file to be executed n every session start.

complete -C "cargo_crev_web_admin completion" cargo_crev_web_admin

To make it permanent add this command to the file ~/.bashrc or some other file that runs commands on bash initialization.


Integrity - warnings if a review have incorrect url or ID

cargo-crev reviews and advisory

Please, spread this info !
Open source code needs a community effort to express trustworthiness.
Start with reading the reviews of the crates on
Then install the GUI cargo_crev_reviews or the CLI cargo-crev.
Your personal reviews are most important. If you have a boss, he will sooner or later ask you to show him your reviews for all the dependencies you use. With cargo_crev_reviews you have a basic tool to do that.
Write your reviews! Describe the crates you trust and why. Or warn about the crate versions you think are dangerous. Publish and share your opinion with other developers.\

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