Library for cargo-auto automation tasks written in rust language with functions for github.
version: 0.1.7 date: 2021-09-18 author: repository: GitHub

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Try it

In your rust project root directory (where the Cargo.toml is)
first install cargo-auto and generate a new helper project:

cargo install cargo-auto
cargo auto new with_lib

In a new editor open the generated directory automation_tasks_rs as an independent rust project. There is already this dependency in Cargo.toml:


Preview the code and observe all the auto_github_* functions from cargo_auto_github_lib.

fn task_github_new_release() {
    // async block inside sync code with tokio
    let rt = tokio::runtime::Runtime::new().unwrap();
    rt.block_on(async move {
        // ...

        let release_id =  auto_github_create_new_release(&owner, &repo, &version, &name, branch, body_md_text).await;
        println!("New release created, now uploading release asset. This can take some time if the files are big. Wait...");

        // upload asset
        let path_to_file = format!(
            package_name = package_name()

        auto_github_upload_asset_to_release(&owner, &repo, &release_id, &path_to_file).await;
        println!("Asset uploaded.");

You need to have a github PAT (personal access token) and save it in a environment variable:

export GITHUB_TOKEN=ghp_111111111111111111111

Run (in your main rust project):

cargo auto release
cargo auto github_new_release

With a little luck, it will create a new release in github.


All the functions have extensive hep/docs to describe how they work.
It is nice when you use a code editor with IntelliSense like VSCode.
Here is a list of some of them:


Simpler library for github. This one octocrab with Tokio is too complex. I need just a fraction of functionality. Maybe to write it myself. I just need to call some rest api.

cargo crev reviews and advisory

We leave in times of danger with supply chain attacks.
It is recommended to always use cargo-crev
to verify the trustworthiness of each of your dependencies.
Please, spread this info.
You can also read reviews quickly on the web. Example for the crate num-traits:

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